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Waterproofing your home for a dry future.

Increases the value of your home: A watertight home is more valuable than a home that is prone to water damage.



Waterproofing and Beyond: Ensuring Unrivalled Protection and Peace of Mind

With a proud legacy spanning a quarter of a century, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each client. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is reinforced by a proven track record of success with renowned brands. Trust us to deliver quality construction solutions honed through decades of industry experience.


Looking For a 100% Quality And Affordable Proofing For Your Project?

Your Construction Journey, Our Expertise: Why Choose AquaSolve

With over 20 years of expertise in construction chemicals for both commercial and residential structures, AquaSolve stands as your trusted partner in safeguarding properties. Our team comprises experienced and qualified professionals dedicated to delivering excellence. Choose AquaSolve for lasting protection and peace of mind.

Consumer-Centric Innovation

Redefining construction experiences, our products prioritize your needs. Whether you're a homeowner building your dream house, embarking on a renovation, or an industrial professional working on large-scale projects, our solutions cater to all.

Empowering DIY Solutions

Unleash your creativity with our construction and repairing solutions featuring user-friendly, do-it-yourself techniques. Empowering individuals across diverse projects, our products simplify application processes for everyone.

Excellence in Quality and Performance

Elevate your construction endeavors with our high-quality, world-class products. Engineered to meet the demands of various applications, our solutions ensure durability and superior performance across the board.

Tailored Packs for Diverse Needs

Explore our diverse range of packs, designed to cater to the unique requirements of different projects. From small-scale enhancements to large-scale developments, find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Competitive Pricing for Value

Enjoy cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our competitive pricing strategy ensures exceptional value, making our construction and repairing solutions accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Sustainable Practices, Green Concept

Embrace environmentally conscious construction with our products. Aligned with sustainable policies, we contribute to greener practices, promoting a healthier environment for everyone involved.

Client Spotlight

Our dedication knows no bounds when it comes to serving our clients. It’s not just a commitment; it’s a daily effort to ensure their success.